“Sleepy Hollow”: Abbie Mills Bookmarks

Written by Dede Taylor   // December 8, 2013

am bookmark feature image

“Sleepy Hollow”: Abbie Mills Bookmarks


Here are some printable (so feel free) bookmarks from Sleepy Hollow.  This set is one screencap of Abbie Mills per episode so far.


(click for actual size)


abbie 1x01 abbie 1x02 abbie 1x03



abbie 1x04 abbie 1x05 abbie 1x06



abbie 1x07 abbie 1x08 abbie 1x09



Sleepy Hollow is back on Monday with 1×10 ‘The Golem’ and it brings with it, the return of John Noble and there can’t be ANYTHING wrong with that.




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